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Online Marketing Lead Generation

We provide exclusive local leads specifically targeted to your business. Not interested in managing or owning a website and just want to focus on your business? We can create referral websites that provide high quality leads specifically for your

business. We take care of everything all you have to do is close the leads, and deliver a top notch service to customers.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We specialise in getting you onto page 1 of Google and Bing. You will be amazed at how many people 'just google it' when looking for services or products. We help your business website show up when people search for what you offer. Our websites and SEO service are strategically designed to grow your business income.

Web design

We now live in a very fast paced world where everyone wants everything fast. We are able to create a website that suits your business needs. For instance, if your aim is to get more calls from clients we can focus on a design that gets customers to call, same as if you have a booking or email system in place we can optimize the website to suit your needs.

Google My Business Listing (GMB)

If you are having issues with getting traffic to your google my business listing or setting it up, we can do this for you.

Alternatively if you are looking to get things moving fast we can manage your paid advertising we will do the research on targeted key phrases so you do not waste your ad budget on non-converting clicks.

About us

IB Digital Marketing young innovative business that is results driven. Our mission is to help small business grow, and get more clients. The sooner we can get you more business the happier you will be with our service. Our success lies is in your success. Contact us today and don't miss out on an amazing chance to partner with us for a complete digital transformation of your business.

Project 1: MT Roofing and Construction

Our brief:

Generate more leads for business

What we did:

Website, SEO, GMB, Custom Content and Paid advertising

Website Launch:

February 2020

March update:

After just a 2 months website is on page 1 and 2 of google and Bing for roof services in Darwin, generating about 20+ calls in March, Google Map Listing not showing in the top 3 but we are working on it.

We love getting results for small business your wins are our wins contact us today to find out more about our digital marketing services that make a difference to your business.

** Not all markets are created equal it may take at least six months before we start to see some results in competitive markets.

Project 2:

Lead Marketing site for Darwin Handyman Services

Our brief:

Generate a lead marketing site for Darwin handyman services

Website Launch:

March 2020

April update:

Website is currently on page 3 of google for handyman services in Darwin. We are still looking for a business to partner and then complete SEO to get to page 1 once we have a Handyman Partner.

This is a great option for local business owners who are looking to expand their business or owners who are not interested in managing or owning a website but are happy to pay for referrals form our online marketing services.

Contact us today our digital marketing services that help new clients find you online and retain your existing clients.

Why Search Engine Optimization Matters

Right at this very moment people are searching the internet for a service or product. If you are not showing up in the search results then that is customers and potential income going straight to somebody else's pocket. Contact us today to get your website attracting more clients. Below are some of the reasons why we think SEO is important to any business.

Get buyer intent leads

Not just a pretty website

Google Bing Yahoo are search engines, so it makes sense to have your site optimized and easy for these search engines to find

What is included in our SEO Services

Market Research and Analysis

Website analysis

Onsite and Offsite SEO

Strategic Content

Link building

GMB Optimisation

Need help with getting customers to find you?

Why choose our websites

Mobile/ Tablet friendly websites

Need website updates fast - no problem

Secure Hosting

Web analytics

Responsive Web Design

Now more than ever its critical for your business to have an online presence to thrive, part of it is having a website that is specifically tailored to your audience and prompts your customers to either purchase your product or buy your services.

It is equally important to have a web manager or a website that can be easily updated be it new photos of jobs you recently completed or a new service your business is providing. Do not waste time waiting months to get updates to meet your new industry or market requirements.

Contact us today for a professional web service designed to change and adapt to ever changing business demands. For example the NT Government has just released a stimulus package that has an impact on demands, IB Digital Marketing can quickly adapt your website to either have an announcement relating to this or configure it to get more traffic of people who are interested in using this initiative for a service that your business provides.

We have affordable secure websites custom designed to suite your business needs.

Online Marketing - Lead Generation

A lot of business might be familiar with process of buying leads, there are many platforms you can do this i.e. hipages get a qoute etc. We specialise in creating niche lead pages for your target market then offer the leads on an exclusive deal to our partners. Lead generation/marketing systems are suitable to businesses looking to get more customers without the stress of having to manage and pay for website. As the owners of the lead marketing sites we ask our business partners deliver a top notch service to leads and we do all the hard work of getting you clients and get your phone ringing with buyer intent clients. Talk to us today about our lead generation deals. Benefits of local lead generation

Targeted leads

We do the market research of the key search phrases for your business. We also look at the top competitors, success leaves clues no need to re-invent the will if your competitors are using winning strategies we can implement the same and look at the gaps that we can capitalize on.

Exclusive Leads

We only partner with one company so we are not sending leads to multiple companies. Unlike the big competitors in lead marketing where leads gets sent to multiple business we send our leads to you.

Call tracking

We have call tracking to enable you and us to see how many leads are generated from our referral sites. As a business this gives you a visibility to where your clients come from

Analytical Reports

We use google analytics and other third party tracking sytems to see how much traffic is coming into the website

No website management

We create a referral website with all the on site and off site SEO completed for your area of business. Unfortunately SEO is not a one time job especially in a competitive market, we will manage all the ongoing seo to keep the referral site going at no cost to you.

Lead marketing will help establish and grow your business .

Contact us today for your our lead marketing service.

Content Creators

One of our key strategies is creating good quality content to market your business, and guess what? search engines such as Google and Bing love good quality content. If you think about it there is a reason wikipedia is at the top of any search terms on google. Contact us to generate more content for your business. Content comes in many different forms, video written, images. Our focus is mainly on the written content. We create a personalised content for your business, most business owners are very passionate about their work and we love sitting down with you getting to know about your business and transforming all this knowledge stored in your head into content that generates more traffic to your customers.

Benefits of good content

  • Increase SEO
  • More information for customers to help them decide
  • Engage your clients with your story
  • Local content to suit you market

Online marketing will help establish and grow your business more clients more business for you.

Contact us today for your our lead marketing service.

Google Maps / Google My Business listings

Being at the top of google map listing is important for business, its just another way to be easily accessable to your clients, if your business is not listed through google my business we can assist with this process and help optimize your listing. Also if you need your listing to rank talk to us today about our different strategies to make you more visible to your clients.

Google Ads

Paid advertising definatly provides you with an impact. If you need to get things moving fast we can set up and manage ad campaigns to suit your budget

We have affordable secure websites custom designed to suite your business needs.

Contact us today for your new website.

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Lead Marketing

Exclusive Leads

Market Research

Referral Website

Onsite SEO

Off site SEO

Custom Content

Call Tracking

Commission based

Pay per lead

Flat monthly fee

Cancel anytime


Paid advertising (optional)


Market Research

Onsite SEO

Offsite SEO

Custom Content

Call Tracking

GMB Optimisation


Paid advertising (optional)

Website Pricing for small business (Launch Special)

*Landing Page


Custom Domain

Secure web hosting

One landing page such as this page

Custom content for SEO

· 1000 words

Mobile friendly

Favicon Icon

SEO standard best practices

Call now button

Contact form

Social Media Links


Full SEO

*Multi Page Website


Custom Domain

Secure web hosting

6-10 pages

6 Main Service Pages

Custom content for SEO

· Home page - 1000 words

· General page - 250 words

· About us - 250 words

· Contact page - 250 words

· 6 Main service or location pages- 500 words

Mobile Friendly

Favivon Icon

Stock Images/ Your photos


SEO standard best practices

Call now button

Contact form

Social Media Links


Full SEO

*Additional hosting fees apply we mainly use Weebly which is $20 monthly or $180 annually. Basic Domain Name Registration fees $17 per year. Other hosting options available.

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